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Weber Chiropractic clinic now open in Newberg Oregon!

Weber Chiropractic in Newberg, Oregon has opened their doors to the community and surrounding areas. Dr. Weber specializes in treatment of auto and work injuries, athletes, low back pain, children, pre/post partum, headaches, and many other musculoskeletal injuries. His clinic in Newberg, Oregon will be offering comprehensive Chiropractic care; including manual adjustments of the spine and extremities, muscle therapy, active stretching, rehabilitation, ultrasound, muscle stimulation, and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. Newberg, Oregon is where Dr. Weber was raised, and now he is returning to support his hometown with elite level sports chiropractic and injury repair.

Contact the Chiropractor at Weber Chiropractic in Newberg at 503-538-1232, or simply stop by the clinic at 1505 Portland Rd. #220 Newberg 97132. We offer treatment for the entire family!

Weber Chiropractic Newberg Oregon Sports Chiropractor Auto & Work injury
Weber Chiropractic Newberg Oregon Sports Chiropractor Newberg Family Chiropractor Auto injury Chiropractor


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