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How to correct posture...the holy grail

The position you sit, stand, or perform daily activities are all related to your posture. The potential for injury increases tremendously with poor posture. Prolonged sitting is a frequent cause of back and neck pain and overall body fatigue. Some simple modifications to your positioning can take a lot of stress off your joints, and allow for more energy throughout the day.

The chiropractic physician at Weber Chiropractic in Newberg, Oregon is a trained specialist in locating postural stresses and correcting them. With most patients a standing and seated examination will help determine which areas need the most attention. The practitioner will observe various anatomical structures including the position of your head, shoulder, hip, pelvis, knee, and feet and in relation to the spine. Chiropractic manipulation, massage therapy, and other related treatments would provide relief; however combining patient education with home care will allow for greater improvements.

Common complaints from a person who sits most of the day while working on a computer, or doing desk work include; tightness in the upper back and shoulders, headaches due to forward head placement, lower back strain, fatigue and shallow breathing patterns. Many of the complaints can be corrected with some simple exercises. It is very difficult to retrain habits, especially with poor posture, but the payoff is exponential.

Simple ways to help with postural stress and fatigue are; take frequent micro-breaks and stand up, practice light stretching or range of motion of your arms and legs and incorporate yoga and meditation. Postural awareness exercises, such as the Brugger’s position teach patients how “perfect posture” should feel, and awakens the appropriate muscles through habitual training. Below you can see the how the Brugger position can be performed while standing or seated.

Brugger’s Postural Awareness Exercise

1.) Sit on edge of a chair or stand in neutral position

2.) Elevate chest diagonally towards ceiling

3.) Bring shoulder blades together and downwards, letting shoulder

roll back and arms hang down with palms open

4.) Look straight forward and position head in neutral position.

Hold position with full belly-breathing for 30 seconds per hour, within pain-free tolerance

To learn more about improving the performance of your body with Newberg Chiropractor and postural specialist contact Dr. Anthony Weber is a Chiropractors Newberg wellness and injury clinic. Weber Chiropractic at 503-538-1232.

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