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Weber Chiropractic is a leading chiropractic clinic located in Newberg, Oregon. We are dedicated to providing top-quality chiropractic care to our patients. In addition to chiropractic services, we offer acupuncture and massage therapy to help our patients achieve optimal health and wellness. 

Dr. Anthony Weber

Photo of Dr Weber

Founder and Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine

Opening the doors of Weber Chiropractic has been a lifelong dream for Dr. Anthony Weber. At the age of eight, Dr. Weber decided that he wanted to be a Chiropractor after receiving treatment for a wrestling injury. He remembers being curious and intrigued by the immediate relief Chiropractic care provided and returning for many more treatments over his 17-year wrestling career.


Dr. Weber believes in treating patients patiently, efficiently, and effectively while focusing on injury prevention. He has treated all ages, specializing in competitive athletes.  


Dr. Weber loves exploring the Pacific Northwest and adventures with his wife and daughters in his free time. His favorite hobbies include fly fishing, gardening, snowboarding and skiing, hiking, mushroom picking, running, and traveling. Dr. Weber has a passion for the outdoors and culture; he has visited over 15 countries and became fluent in Spanish during his time in South America. Dr. Weber loves Oregon and his hometown community of Newberg. He is thrilled to set up his practice in an area that gave him a vibrant childhood.   


Doctor of Chiropractic
University of Western States

Dr. Weber studied Chiropractic medicine at the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon, and graduated with his doctorate in 2012. He received his undergraduate Bachelor's degree in Science from Oregon State University.

Sarah Zakhour 

Acupuncturist, LAc

Sarah is a licensed acupuncturist, board-certified herbalist, and bodyworker. A self-proclaimed anatomy and fascia nerd, she is enthralled by the human body and all of its brilliance. 


One of the many reasons she fell in love with Chinese Medicine is its emphasis on integrating mind, body, and spirit. It requires a dynamic approach to treatment rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare.

Sarah's style of acupuncture practice is welcoming, gentle, and intentional. She combines gentle techniques with traditional orthopedic techniques custom to each patient’s treatment plan. She places a strong emphasis on prevention so that you can feel more in control and less reliant on her over time. 

When she is not in the office, you can usually find her buried in a textbook, on her yoga mat, or in the forest with her husband and dog.

A picture of Sarah Zakhour


Masters in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

Sarah received her B.A. in Anthropology and Public Health from George Washington University and her Masters of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. Her focus areas include pain relief, mental and emotional health, sports medicine, gynecology, and digestion. 

Christina Caputo

A picture of Tina Caputo


Masters in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

Acupuncturist, LAc MAcOM LMT

As a child, Tina struggled with body pain, emotional dysregulation, and gastrointestinal issues. Despite being overlooked by traditional healthcare providers, she took proactive steps towards healing, embracing nutrition, yoga, and herbal remedies. Tina revitalized her health and vitality through dedicated efforts and guidance from mentors.

Over time, Tina delved deeper into understanding the human body's complexities through formal education in massage therapy, acupuncture, and Chinese Medicine. Specializing in addressing a spectrum of conditions, including body pain, autoimmune disorders, gastrointestinal issues, mental health, and women's health, she finds particular fulfillment in supporting expectant parents and growing families.

Outside work, you will find her spending time in nature with her son, husband and two wild hounds. Never turning down an adventure, she spends her free time putting miles in her hiking boots, powder lines on her snowboard or jumping in any body of water she gets close to!

Tina attended Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, graduating in 2021. This led to her falling in love with the intricacies of Chinese medical theory, resonating deeply with the person's perception as a whole. Intertwining both the Western medical model and the Eastern philosophy to provide patient-centered care, Tina helps patients achieve greater alignment with their health and human experience.

Massage Therapists

Melissa Jacobs, LMT

Melissa is a veteran massage therapist, having practiced for over ten years in California and Oregon; in both states, she worked hand-in-hand with chiropractors and acupuncturists.


She specializes in deep tissue and sports massage but also utilizes Swedish massage. Melissa is also a certified Reiki master who loves helping people feel better, both physically and mentally.


As a former track and field competitor (U.S. Nationals), she enjoys running and yoga daily, bringing to her job an understanding of athletes’ therapeutic needs—in addition to experience working with other types of injured patients.

A women getting a back massage

Brandon Martin, LMT

Brandon is a dedicated massage therapist with over ten years of experience addressing clients' physical ailments and promoting overall well-being. With a solid foundation in deep tissue and sports massage, Brandon is skilled at tailoring treatment plans to meet individual needs. 

Brandon obtained his Massage Therapy certification at East West College of the Healing Arts, Portland, Oregon.

He focuses on listening to clients' points of pain and using effective communication to advise clients on treatment plans to accomplish their goal of continual pain relief.

Joy Lenhardt, LMT

Joy is a seasoned massage therapist with over two decades of expertise. A proud Newberg local and George Fox University alumna, she furthered her education at the Ashmead School of Massage, honing her skills in massage therapy.


Proficient in anatomy, medical terminology, and pain management, Joy is dedicated to providing tailored treatments that address clients' physical ailments and promote overall well-being. She prioritizes effective communication, ensuring clients' concerns are heard and incorporated into personalized treatment plans to achieve lasting pain relief and wellness goals.

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