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Sports Chiropractor for Newberg Athletes

Updated: Apr 2

Weight lifting

As the school sports seasons begin, and the weekend warriors continue to train, inevitably there will be injuries. Weber Chiropractic treats sports injuries, with every attempt at keeping the athlete engaged in their sport and/or limiting time off of the field. Weber Chiropractic in Newberg, Oregon works with athletes to reach their goals during training to reduce the chance of injury, detecting potential cause before it becomes a problem.

Man mountain biking

Being an athlete himself, Dr. Weber competed in Division 1 wrestling for Oregon State University, over his 17 years of competition he used chiropractic as a means to stay healthy, and recover from injury quicker. Chiropractic care is an essential piece to any training regimen. Newberg Sports Chiropractors work with the athletes to increase the functional ability of their body; stretching & strengthening muscle imbalance, detecting biomechanical issues, and supporting recovery and training cycles nutritionally. Dr Weber works with each individual athlete to customize a plan that will maximize the ability to reach goals

Contact Newberg Chiropractor, Dr. Anthony Weber at 503-538-1232 or email to evaluate for your sports season and lifetime athletic endeavours.

Women swimming

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